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    Be Connected. Be Valued. Be You.

    Our Culture

Be Connected. Be Valued. Be You.

Our Culture

Our core values guide our decisions and actions. We invest in our products, associates, and communities, in both promising and challenging times.

Swagelok products play an important role in critical industries. We supply products to research teams, health care manufacturers, and transportation and energy providers. 

We constantly improve our safe, clean workplace, provide jobs in our communities, and deliver products to customers around the world.

“Associates have done a great job at following the new safety protocols. Their dedication is tied directly to our core values. Associates understand that you’re not just caring for yourself, but you’re caring for others as well.”

Ivana Peric, Operations Supervisor

“Every day, I try to give back by training the next person, giving them tools to succeed, and providing options and opportunities.”

Joe Englehart, Operations Supervisor

“Swagelok really promotes diversity of thought. I’ve been with Swagelok for 23 years and I learn every single day from the people around me, as well as those in different areas of the company.”

Masroor Malik, Regional Semiconductor Market Manager